Columbia Larkspur or Cow Poison (Delphinium trollifolium)

Columbia Larkspur or Cow Poison (Delphinium trollifolium)

PNW Native Plant Growers

Watershed Garden Works- Longview, WA

Humble Roots Nursery- Mosier, OR

Bosky Dell Natives- West Linn, OR


Native Species Information

King Co. Native Plant Guide- a great resource with entries on native species and planning tools.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest- informative entries on native species and stunning photographs.

Native Plant Society of Oregon

Washington Native Plant Society

Grand Hound’s Tongue (Cynoglossum grande)

Grand Hound’s Tongue (Cynoglossum grande)


UW Native Plant Propagation Protocols- Helpful propagation protocols and info on a wide variety of PNW native species. (Some are much more thorough than others.)

Native Plant Network Protocol Database- A very helpful database of propagation protocols, including many for PNW native species.

USDA Native Seed Production Manual- PDF of the very fine manual put together by the Corvallis Plant Materials Center. This is geared toward farming of species for seed production, and deals with a relatively small selection of species, but for those it handles, it is very helpful and well designed.

“Growing Native Plants from Seeds”- a very well put together short document on seed propagation from Klamath Siskiyou Seeds.

The Woody Plant Seed Manual- The classic USFS manual on the seeds of woody plants, blessedly now available online. If you run across an old copy of this, snag it!