Washington Lily (Lilium washingtonium)

Washington Lily Humble Roots.jpg
Washington Lily Humble Roots.jpg

Washington Lily (Lilium washingtonium)


I’m very excited to be offering this splendid native lily. The Washington Lily does not occur in Washington, as many assume, but was named rather for Martha Washington. It occurs in Oregon and California. The species produces an abundance of white, trumpet shaped flowers, sometimes violet tinted on the inside and with exquisite purple spots. These are highly fragrant. Grows on dry slopes and in open forests at higher elevation. Prefers full to partial sun, and well draining soil. Sow in fall for cold stratification or refrigerate in moist medium for spring sowing.

Provenance: Marion Co., OR

Family: Liliaceae

Bloom: Mid Summer

Height: 2-8’

Zones: 6a-9b

Difficulty: Advanced

$6.00 Packet: .2 grams or approximately 40 seeds

Image courtesy of Humble Roots Nursery in Mosier, Oregon. These lovely folks offer a wonderful selection of ethically propagated native plants. Check them out! https://www.humblerootsnursery.com/

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