Sea-Watch (Angelica lucida)

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Angelica lucida NPS.jpg

Sea-Watch (Angelica lucida)

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Also known as Seacoast Angelica, this perennial produces umbels of globe shaped flowers that give way to striking seed heads. This species grows mostly on beaches, bluffs, and along streams near the coast. Extremely cold hardy. Prefers moist soil in part to full sun. Literature recommends planting as fresh as possible and presoaking seed 24 hours before sowing. Sow in fall or spring for germination the following year. Fast growing once established.

Provenance: Pacific Co., Washington

Family: Apiaceae

Height: 2-4.5’

Bloom: Mid to Late Spring


Difficulty: Medium

$3.50 Packet: 1 gram = approximately 350 seeds

$6.00 Jumbo: 3 grams = approximately 1,050 seeds

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Image “Wild Celery” by NPS/Jacob W. Frank: Denali National Park and Preserve is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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