Scarlet Gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata)

Scarlet Gilia Humble Roots.jpg
Scarlet Gilia Humble Roots.jpg

Scarlet Gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata)


Also known as Scarlet Trumpet and Skyrocket, this plant is a biennial or sometimes a short lived perennial. It produces vivid red, tubular flowers on tall stalks arising from a rosette of attractive foliage. Some plants also produce paler flowers as well which attract moths in the evening while redder blooms draw hummingbirds and bees during the day. These plants are very attractive to pollinators. A good choice for the rock garden, these prefer well drained, even gravelly soil and full sun. Sow in fall for cold stratification or refrigerate in moist medium for at least 30-45 days before sowing.

Provenance: Linn Co., OR

Family: Polemoniaceae

Bloom: Mid Summer

Height: 1-4’

Difficulty: Medium

$4.25 Packet: .01 oz

Image courtesy of Humble Roots Nursery in Mosier, Oregon. These lovely folks offer a wonderful selection of ethically propagated native plants. Check them out!

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