Pink Thrift (Armeria maritima)


Pink Thrift (Armeria maritima)

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Known variously as sea thrift, sea pink or pink thrift, this charming perennial forms dense mats of whorled foliage and balls of pink blossoms over a long blooming period. It’s found at low elevations along the coast on beaches, bluffs and meadows. Tolerant of drought and poor soils. Likes full sun and good drainage. Sow in fall for good cold stratification.

Provenance: Jefferson Co., Washington

Family: Plumbaginaceae

Bloom: Spring and Summer

Height: 4-16”

Zones: 3-9

Difficulty: Easy

$3.50 Packet: .01 oz. or approximately 235 seeds

$6.00 Jumbo: .03 oz. or approximately 700 seeds

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