King's Scepter Gentian (Gentiana sceptrum)

King's Scepter Gentian Buddy.jpg
King's Scepter Gentian Buddy.jpg

King's Scepter Gentian (Gentiana sceptrum)


I’m thrilled to be offering this uncommon perennial. Gentiana sceptrum produces distinctive tubular flowers of a startling, vivid blue. This species is typically found in wet meadows, bogs, and lake edges. Sow in fall for cold stratification or refrigerate in moist medium for at least eight weeks, preferably longer. Germination may be slow and plants will require a few seasons before blooming.

Provenance: Cascade Mtns., Marion Co., Oregon

Family: Gentianaceae

Bloom: Late Summer

Height: 1-2’

Difficulty: Advanced

$5.00 Packet: .1 gram

Lovely image courtesy of Bud Logan, whose wonderful site about the wild places of Vancouver Island and greater British Columbia is Check it out!

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