Douglas' Iris (Iris douglasiana)


Douglas' Iris (Iris douglasiana)


This showy iris forms large clumps with abundant flowers in highly variable colors, from rich purples to lavender to cream to blue. Found from Southern Oregon down to Northern California on pastures, grassy hillsides, open woods, and sea cliffs, always very near the coast. Spreads rapidly and is drought tolerant. Sow in fall for cold stratification, or refrigerate in moist medium for 90 days before sowing. Tolerates moist to dry, well drain soil and sun to part shade.

Provenance: Curry Co., OR

Family: Iridaceae

Bloom: Late Spring

Height: 1/2-3’

Zones: 5-10


$4.00 Packet: .9 grams or approximately 38 seeds

Image “Iris douglasiana” by Stan Shebs is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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