Idaho Blue Eyed Grass (Sysirinchium idahoense)

Blue Eyed Grass.jpg
Blue Eyed Grass.jpg

Idaho Blue Eyed Grass (Sysirinchium idahoense)


This iris relative forms clumps of grass like leaves and exquisite blue flowers with fine veining on the petals and yellow centers. It’s found in wet meadows, open woodlands, wetland edges, preferring moist/wet soil and full sun to some shade. Sow in fall. This species is attractive to a variety of pollinators including some threatened butterfly species.

Provenance: Lane Co., Oregon

Family: Iridaceae

Bloom: Mid Summer

Height: 4-16”

Zones: 4-10

Difficulty: Medium

$4.00 Packet: .01 oz. or approximately 175 seeds

Image “Idaho Blue Eyed Grass” by Tom Koener/USFWS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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