Columbia Lily (Lilium columbianum)

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Columbia Lily (Lilium columbianum)

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Also known as Tiger Lily or Oregon Lily, this delightful perennial is found in meadows, roadsides, and forests up to 6,000 ft near the coast. Plants produce numerous bell shaped orange flowers with delicate spots and dangling brown stamens. Plants like good drainage, consistent moisture and part sun to shade. Plant in fall for germination the following spring. Plants will take a few seasons to bloom.

Provenance: Jefferson Co., Washington

Family: Liliaceae

Bloom: Early Summer

Height: 1-4’

Zones: 4-9

$3.50 Packet: 0.2 gram or approximately 65-85 seeds

$7.50 Jumbo: 0.6 gram or approximately 195-255 seeds

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